Our Mission

To provide superior event staff nationwide in order to increase sales and capture brand loyalty at promotional events.  We are a full-service event marketing agency dedicated to providing high-quality promotional staff for in-store demonstrations.  We work with our customers to review their needs and provide them with a competitive advantage in the industry.  We commit to providing professional customer service and building employee/staff relationships.  For our customers, we commit to being your partner and delivering you with the solutions you envision. We value the feedback from our clients and our employees and commit to implementing, managing, and supporting the best team for promotional events.


What Samplers, Inc. Provides for Our Clients:

  • Employees to represent your brand, educate customers, distribute samples, and drive sales!
  • Robust General Liability and Workers’ Compensation policies
  • Management Team available 24/7 to accommodate last minute requests and changes
  • A partner from beginning to end to ensure your project’s success!

“We received excellent auditor feedback at store 2215 yesterday. The auditor said she was outgoing, engaging and exactly the type of talent we were looking for. Thank you for providing us with such great talent!”

Cari O

“Store #2650 had a 53% increase in [lawn mower] sales from the sales in the same weeks in 2006!”

Mike D
Program Scheduling Coordinator

“The client was very pleased with the talent.  This was a huge event to say the least.  They used 4 pizza cookers and ran out of product by 4:30.  People were waiting in line for over 15 minutes just to get a slice of pizza.  It was pretty crazy! Over 100,000 people were in attendance and the talent handed out tons of coupons.”

Sarah D
Field Promotion Manager